St Thomas’ Federation

From 1st September 2019, the Governing Bodies of St Clement & St James and St Thomas’ have joined together in a Federation.

The governing body has overall responsibility for managing the school effectively. The full governing body meet six times a year under the leadership of the Chair of Governors. The Heads of School are responsible for the internal organisation, management and day-to-day control of the school. They are accountable to the governing body for the decisions they take. The Executive Headteacher, Heads of Schools and the governing body take joint responsibility for the strategic direction of the school. This group also has responsibility for ensuring that the school spends its money efficiently. In addition, members are involved in the appointment of staff, monitoring the school curriculum and maintaining and developing the school premises.

Much of the work of the governing body is done through a committee structure. There are four committees with delegated powers to make decisions:

Resources committee – which includes finance,  personnel & premises: Rosemary Hook, Ros Sacher, Sarah Bouette,  Adrian Jones, Anna Yang Schull, Gunnel Welford, Charlotte O’Brien

Performance management pay committee – members: Ros Sacher, Lida Cepuch, Rosemary Hook

Standards and achievement – members: Lida Cepuch, Adrian Jones, Fr Sam McNally-Cross, Anthea Kolitsas, Anna Yang Schull, Ellie Dowthwaite, Ian McDonald

Admissions – members: Charlotte O’Brien, Nina Jumah, Rosemary Hook

Please refer to the attached information for governor roles, declaration of interests and attendance at governing body meetings in 2018-19: St Thomas’ Governor Attendance 2018-2019


Letter to parents re. federation for St Thomas’

1st draft Consultation document (002) St Thomas’ Presented at GB 25.04.19