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Reception Class

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Our core book this week is 'Giraffe's Can't Dance' by Giles Andreae.


Our 'Toilet Paper Challenge' was a triumph! 

Now it is time to begin preparing our next venture 'The Dance Challenge'. 


We have been on such a journey together, so I want to celebrate all of us!

So... parents, carers, brothers, sisters, grandparents, pets and whoever else is with you are all invited to get involved!


Please, send a video clip of you all showing off your best dance moves! Your video must end by everyone stopping and pointing to the left. This will pass it on. 


I would love as many of you to be in the video as we can, however, don't feel pressured, I am more than happy if it's just your child dancing. The most important thing is that we have fun!


  • The video needs to be a reasonable length '5 seconds'.
  • The video needs to be in landscape.
  • Finish your dance clip by all stopping pointing to the left! This will pass it on. 
  • Please send your video to
  • Please send your video before 29th May.


*Fancy dress is more than appropriate.


Giraffe's Can't Dance

Core Book ideas:

1. Learn a dance routine. You can make them up yourself or follow one online.

2. Perform your dance routine and make a music video. Which song will you dance to?

3. Research Africa on Google Earth, what did you find? Desert, waterfalls, villages, cities, rivers, beaches...

4. Make a shopping list of items that will be needed for the Jungle Dance. 

5. Look at photos of real giraffes to draw your own illustrations? Think carefully about the shapes and try to draw the body with one outline. 

6. Design and make decorations for your own jungle dance party at the end of the week! This can help you practise your cutting skills.

7. Think about what you would say to Gerald to make him feel better when sad? try some role play.

8. Find some rhyming words in the story. Have a game of rhyming ping pong. One partner begins with a word "dog" you have to each bounce back a rhyming word.

dog-log-frog-fog-bog (you can make up funny words too that rhyme) 

9. Giraffes are very tall! Taller than you! Explore some measuring around the house. Use some small lego bricks or any other uniform objects (hands, cubes, pencils) and measure alongside objects around the house. 

10. Find at least three objects and order them in order of height/length.

Picture 1
To all our Muslim parents and children, it's not long to go now. Zainab told me that from Monday the 18th you will have only 5 more days of fasting then it's Eid. Zainab and her family are all very excited. From all the staff in the Reception we wish you a very happy Eid.

Weekly Tasks 18/05/2020

Phonics: Use your sound mat or independent listening to sound out these words from the story. Remember to say, stretch, robot talk, count the sounds to help. 

















Did you see these HFW in the story, have a go at writing them.

and, we, the, he, you, I, is, in, was


Mr. Minards Doubling Song

This week we are focusing on doubles!

How many have you completed?

How many have you completed? 1
How many have you completed? 2

Reception Class Toilet Paper Challenge Extended Edition

Some more friends popped up to say hello!
Here we go! Get ready to catch the toilet paper! Hope this helps you to feel closer to all of your friends. They miss you too! Keep working hard. Be happy, be kind and be patient.


Sail off through night and day and in and out of weeks and almost a year to where the wild things are.

Weekly tasks 27/04/2020

Would You Rather? by John Burningham

Time to make some difficult decisions! Pause the video after each page and make your choice. Don't forget to explain why!

The First Hippo to the Moon

Make your own book

Support their independent writing

Support their independent writing 1
Support their independent writing 2

say it- pig

stretch it- piiiiiiiiiiig

robot talk it- p/i/g

count the sounds- p/i/g


Reception - the start of the day

A brief look into our morning in Reception class

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9