School Journey 2015


Year 5 have arrived safely! The journey was great and they are just settling in their tents.

The children had a tour of the site yesterday afternoon and were introduced to the animals and woodland areas.

They were all exhausted and went to bed very early.


The children woke up very early!  With the sun at around 5am.  Miss Spence reports that the children are happy and really enjoying themselves.  It’s been good to see everyone cooperating with each other and new friendship groups being established.  Today the children are canoeing.

This afternoon children have been exploring the local woodland.


Yesterday afternoon the children enjoyed their archery lessons.  In the evening they loved sharing spooky stories around the campfire until the thunder and lighting struck!  There was virtually no rain at all but a very impressive light show and an amazing experience for the children.  After that everyone went to bed and slept well.

Today is the long walk into history.  We just spoke to Adam inside the ruins of an old castle!  This afternoon is the trim trail assault course and the low ropes challenge.

Mr McDonald and Miss Bouette visited in the late afternoon.  We shared dinner with the children and heard all the news.  The children are really happy and very much enjoying themselves.  We visited the petting zoo and had a good run around in the sunshine.  All the children have been careful about the sun so we haven’t got too many red faces!


This morning the children built fires and fed the animals.  This afternoon the second half of the survival day was shelter building in the woods.  Everyone is looking forward to the talent show this evening.  The children have spent all their spare time rehearsing their acts.  There should be some great entertainment round the campfire as well as some toasted marsh mallows.

For more photos please look at the gallery on the Y5 gallery page


The coach will be coming to pick up the children at 1.30pm so we hope to see them return to school around 3-3.30pm.