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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5


Our class theme this term is War and Peace


This term, Year 5 is being transported to a time when London skies were lit up by swerving aeroplanes and glaring searchlights. We will delve back into the 1940s to find out for ourselves what it was like to be evacuated from London and sent to the countryside, to dig for victory on the Home Front, or to shelter from air raids in the middle of the Blitz! In English, we will look at variety of texts to help deepen our understanding of the Second World War, including ‘Goodnight Mister Tom’ and ‘I am David’ as well as extracts from Anne Frank’s diary. In history, we will use primary and secondary sources to answer questions about the war and develop our understanding of key events, as well as making a visit to the Imperial War Museum. In addition, we will explore philosophical and ethical questions relating to the theme, for example: is it ever right to fight?


Our art will reflect this theme too as we create pieces inspired by the images of WWII.


In science, we will learn about the stages of development in humans as they age, the circulatory system, and  how sound is made and how it travel.

Please take a look at our Parent Overview Spring 1