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Year 6

Leavers 2020

Goodbye to our leavers this year, wishing you all the best!

Father Sam message to Year 6

Good morning Year 6,

On Monday 8th June,  all your learning will be on Google Classrooms. You (your parents) have been emailed information about how to log in. It is a good idea to try and log in today to check you can do it. After you have done that, leave a quick comment to say hello to everyone in your class.

Please contact school if you have any problems.

Welcome to the Year 6 class page. 

While you are not able to attend school, class teachers will be providing learning materials for you to engage in. These will include daily reading, mathematics and writing activities. In addition to this, you will research a weekly topic (this could be a science, geography, history, world religions or current affairs focus). See below for more information on this. 


It is important that you have routine during this time, and that you break up your day into different sections to keep yourself feeling energised. 


As well as the materials class teachers will be putting up, there is also a list of some very useful home educating websites for you to access. 

Please take the opportunity to enjoy doing activities with your parents and siblings in the afternoons such as: cooking, helping with housework, singing, playing board games, doing crafts, or researching something you are particularly interested in. 

PE and exercise: Joe Wicks is offering a free PE lesson on his channel at 9 - 9:30 every morning. If you don’t manage to catch it then, you can still tune in anytime! Follow the link: 1254.html 


Suggested timetable: 

  • 9 - 9.30: 30 minutes exercise with Joe 
  • 30 minutes reading task from school 
  • 30 minutes maths 
  • Break (20 minutes) 
  • 30 minutes writing 
  • 30 minutes of weekly topic 
  • 30 minutes reading for pleasure 
  • Lunch and free time (1 hour) 
  • 1 hour afternoon activities



Weekly topic 

Each week, you are going to research something and make it into a presentation. This could be presented as a book, but it could also be done as a leaflet, or in digital format as a word document, PowerPoint or even as a film. Keep it varied!


Each Monday, you’ll be given a new topic area to research. If you choose, you can send your finished project to where it will be passed on to your teacher to see! Anything that is really interesting or impressive will be uploaded to the Class Page for everyone to have a look at. 


Why not read some non-fiction? The Week Junior

Why not read some non-fiction? Link to  The Week Junior

Why not read some non-fiction? Link to  The Week Junior

Why not read some non-fiction? Link to  The Week Junior

Week beginning Monday 30th March

Welcome to Year 6


Our class theme this term is War and Peace


This term, Year 6 is being transported to a time when London skies were lit up by swerving aeroplanes and glaring searchlights. We will delve back into the 1940s to find out for ourselves what it was like to be evacuated from London and sent to the countryside, to dig for victory on the Home Front, or to shelter from air raids in the middle of the Blitz! In English, we will look at variety of texts to help deepen our understanding of the Second World War, including ‘Goodnight Mister Tom’ and ‘I am David’ as well as extracts from Anne Frank’s diary. In history, we will use primary and secondary sources to answer questions about the war and develop our understanding of key events, as well as making a visit to the Imperial War Museum. In addition, we will explore philosophical and ethical questions relating to the theme, for example: is it ever right to fight?


Our art will reflect this theme too as we study sketches by Henry Moore and other art inspired by the images of WWII.


In science, we will learn about the human body and sound.

Please take a look at our Parent Overview Spring 1

Escaping the Blitz- Year 6 Production with Digital Works

Operation Pied Piper was the name of the plan designed to evacuate children from areas at risk from bombing and invasion. On 31st August 1939, three days before war broke out, an evacuation order was given for the next day and what followed was a massive logistical operation to move people to areas of safety.